We believe that everyone should follow their destiny!

Therefore we do what we do best, to enable you to do what you do best.

Together with our co-innovation partners we build and provide a single platform for creators to holistically manage their content.

This enables them to keep their focus on what they do best.

Our Destiny


To reach users across today's vast number of platforms, content owners are facing an ever increasing complexity. With uniform upload and automatic distribution across platforms, zlyde Distribution maximizes reach and revenues while minimizing efforts and wastage.

rights management

With digital content spreading in a matter of seconds, protecting your rights is key. zlyde Security lets you regain control - by offering a central, platformneutral protection across languages that allows to map even complex, territory-specific rights situations.


The better you understand your user's journey through the online world, the better you can address your audiences. zlyde Analytics provides detailed insights to correlate user behaviour across all relevant platforms - within one single but widespread dashboard.

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